vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Saigon, Paris of the Orient

Sài gòn, Paris của Phương Đông

Saigon, Paris of the Orient

Bưu ảnh của một lính Mĩ gửi về nhà cho ông qua US Air Force Postal Service
Collection de Mike Roberts

Free Air Mail
21 May 66
Dear Grandad,

You should be getting some of our warm weather in the States by now! However, I doubt if you're getting as much rain for the heavens open up daily here showering us with great quantities of water. The political situation here is tense and seemingly hopeless! I'm now living in a brand new hotel with air conditining so we're in good shape.

Love, Tony


Khánh Hà

Thái Hiền

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Gem from Calgary a dit…

Thank you for visiting my postcard blog and for your kind words.
Feel free to send me a postcard if you can.

fiuman a dit…

I am glade you received my postcards, I will inform you when I receive yours. Greetings from Croatia. Dragan

John a dit…

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Hanoï a dit…

@John: Great you enjoy my blog. Thank you for your nice comment. Best regards.
@Gem from Calgary and fuman: Thanks for your visits. I will leave comments on your blogs. Cheers.

Gulfmann Collection a dit…

Nice postcard !!

Gem from Calgary a dit…

Hi again,
Thanks for ur comment re postcards. I will be glad to send you a postcard, but I need your name and address as I can't find it on your blog.send it to my email at
Take care,

Hanoï a dit…

@Gulfmann Collection: Thank you for your visit. Regards
@Gem from Calgary: I sent you my address. I hope to get your card. Many thanks.