mercredi 7 avril 2010

Buffles en charrue

Cày bừa

Cầy ruộng - Ploughing - En charrue
Gửi từ Nam Việt-nam (APO 143, San Francisco, Cal.) ngày mồng 9 tháng tư 1964
Đến địa chỉ 1600 South Joyce Street (Arlington, Virginia, 22202)

Tuesday, 7 April 1964
Hello again !
I wrote to you earlier this morning and said I was so sorry not to have heard from you and then, just as though my wishes were heard by someone, out of a clear blue sky one hour later I received your most welcome letter of the 2nd along with a nice letter from Dolly ! Thanks so much for writing. Your letters mean so very much -- Sibyl's, too ! Love,
Please do keep list of music. I'm delighted some day you might be interested !

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