dimanche 4 avril 2010

Des crachins retardataires

Cảnh đồng quê

Việt-Nam * Cảnh đồng quê
Vie de campagne - Country life
Chrononically, this is the first in a group of eleven postcards sent by an American servicewoman to the same person between April and October, 1964. It is a possibility that these eleven cards are not all that she sent to her friend while she was serving in South Vietnam. Nevertheless, these cards, which will appear one by one on my blog, will give you her insight and thoughts concerning such things as a cholera epidemic, communists' terrorist activities and other events she witnessed while in Vietnam. Thanks to these short written messages, we are able to learn and share in an American military woman's observations detailing her life while she was working as an agent for USOM (the United States Operations Mission) in Vietnam, a long way from home.

Special thanks to Robert Bird (Jesup, GA) and Robert Munshower (Westlake, OH)

Friday, March 27. 1964
Dear Mary,
It's almost the end of another day as well as another week. It's a noisy ending as Vietnamese carpenters are putting up barriers outside our windows which the VC's aren't going to like one bit nor will a few other people as it will give the impression we are "demonstrating a lack of calm and a frightened attitude towards the Comminists' terrorist activities !" We will probably receive requests to remove these "unpleasant barriers". I fell in the mood to write to you today but after writing a long overdue letter to Sibyl I had to go back to work. I must write quite a few letters this weekend, especially to Bena to not only thank her for the salami I just rec'd but also for a lovely newsy letter!

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I think you did a pretty good job too! today is the Easter Holiday, one of our most religious days for prayer and thought.

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Thanks a lot!