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Thiếu nữ Việt-nam

Jeune Vietnamienne
Vietnamese girl

APO 143, San Francisco, California
Gửi ngày 25 tháng tư 1964
Đến địa chỉ 1600 South Joyce Street (Arlington, Virginia)
Friday, April 24. 1964 - 5:55 p.m
Dear Mary,
I can't believe it's not only the end of another day but another week as well. This week has been a busy one in my office. As long as it's not hectic I like it (busy) that way. In a few minutes I'll be on my way to the main USOM building to work another 3 or 4 hrs. I'm not tired so I don't mind and it's fun (some fun !) to add up overtime although I'm not doing it to buy anything in particular ~ at least I don't have any deisres at the moment, except a new gold watch band to replace one I bought in Paris quite a few years ago. I have missed you a lot lately. I sure wish I could drop in to see you just for a little visit and a GOOD cup of coffee ! Love. PHYLLIS
Hi Sibyl !
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