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Hàng rong

SAIGON * Hàng rong - Une marchande ambulante - An itinerant dealerwoman
Gửi ngày 17 tháng tư 1964
APO 143

Thursday, April 15. 1964
Dear Mary.
It seems that nowadays one can't be too long happy about anything for long! I was relieved when the cholera epidemic reached its peak and then subsided. Now we're plagued with the plague and were required to go over to the main USOM building (this morning) for the plague vaccination. I almost backed out when I saw the nurses giving "shots" with what I refer to as a "riveting machine". However, I decided not to take any chances because I feel the situation must be very serious for mass vaccination to be given all of a sudden! I'm glad I talked sensibly to myself because it took only a second and didn't hurt at all like the cholera shot did!
Love, P
Hi Sibyl !
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