mercredi 21 juillet 2010

Une autre image de Dalat


DALAT - Hồ Than Thở
Lake of Sighs
Lac des Soupirs

Gửi từ APO 143, San Francisco - California
Đến địa chỉ River House, Apt. #A-301
1600 South Joyce Street (Arlington, Virginia)


Tuesday morning
July21, 1964

Dear Mary,
Many thanks for your very nice letter which I received yesterday along with Sibyl's nice card. Please thank her also. It was wonderful hearing from you both! Hope to get a letter off to you today. If I don't get a chance this will at least let you know I'm thinking of you. Am very happy you would like me to send the brass plaques. Will try to get them off today. Airmail may be too expensive. If so will send them by surface so it will be 5-6 wks before you will get them. Love, P

Tiếng hát Khánh Hà
Tiếng hát Ý Lan

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